Luz and Victor | Wedding Arequipa

Today I want to share with you few images from Luz and Victor's wedding. They both were getting ready at Queen Villa's Hotel in Arequipa. Victor brought his dad with him to help him to get ready for the big day. Their bond and connection are very strong. Victor was very nervous as the time "T" was approaching. When his friends saw him like that they tried to cheer him up. Many jokes and some beer helped Victor to relax and we had a lot of fun.

Luz arrived few moments after Victor got ready, because she went to get her hair and make up done in a Spa. While waiting for her, we used our time to take some detail shots. Luz also brought her mom and closest friends with her to help her dressing up. After she put the dress and shoes on, few last touch ups with a mascara and lipstick and we were ready to go.

The religious ceremony was held in the small San Lazaro's church in the centre of Arequipa. After that we all went to Las Tapas Restarurant where they celebrated the party which finished very late at night.

I am really happy to call you now my friends. Congratulations.